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Some of the content here isn't finished and is only being teased for future release. Another thing, if I would upload anything to TeenInk or Booksie, it would take me a while to upload it to either location. It takes effort, editing, and patience.

The Ovals Saga
"Keep your eyes open."

Ovals: Season 1 "The Wishing Well"
"Jim, a twelve-year old boy, has just run away from home, after being traumatized by a horrid past. He was worried what would happen to himself from then on; would the police try to catch him? Where would he go? Running into a forest, and getting completely lost, he slowly begins to have other worries besides his runaway. Strange things begin to happen, some things he couldn't explain. Things that shouldn't be possible, and he starts asking himself questions... Eventually he meets a wolf-man named Kion, and Jim starts depending on this anthropomorphic creature for advice and answers. But that won't be so easy out here in the Forest."

"Everything starts with questions."

OVALS: Season 1 on BooksieDeviantART, Tallenge, TeenInk, and Google Docs.

Ovals: Season 2 "The Secret Society"
"Taking place a year after the events in our first season, Jim continues in his journey for answers and freedom alongside the Resistance. After many failed attempts to locate the Ovals secret base, they finally discover not only a secret society...but something new; Gateways."

"Gateway; a tear in reality to the next."

OVALS: Season 2 on BooksieDeviantARTTallengeTeenInk, and Google Docs.

Ovals: Season 3 "The Eyeless Seeker"
"The journey continues to become more dangerous, mysterious, and dramatic as rules are unfolded by new, high sources, such as the Resistances new companion, the one and only, Eyeless Seeker. New allies, new requirements, new problems. The stakes are higher, risks are made, and both the Ovals and the Resistance are under more pressure than they expected."

"Taking his eyes only made him see clearer"

OVALS: Season 3 is available on TeenInk, Tallenge, Booksie, deviantART, and Google Docs.

Ovals: Season 4 "The Final Oval"
The finale. More information coming soon...

Be Open, Again
Coming soon Winter 2015

"Growing up as a teenager is hard, as most of us know it. But this pack of teenagers isn't living the happiest childhood."

"Kyle and Lillian have been best friends since preschool. They used to do everything together, and suddenly things change as they turn twelve. Things take a sudden and much more awkward turn than they wanted it to. They start going through the stages and see the world differently."

"As Kyle is actually more mature than most people his growing age, he has to help his other teenage friends go through the pain of growing up, and even childhood trauma. He himself is going through his own personal issues, and relies on his local librarian, Emily, for advice on what to do in the worst case scenario. Growing up just got a lot more painful, as the drama escalates a little bit too fast. It's time to be open, again."

Coming soon Winter 2015

TEASER: "Goodbye to a World" (Based on the Song by. Peter Robinson)
Click to read the promotional teaser on Tallenge, Booksie, deviantART, TeenInk, or Google Docs.

SNEEK PEEK: "Introduction"
Click to read the sneek peek of the novel on Tallenge, Booksie, deviantART, TeenInk, or Google Docs.
  • I've fixed the Tallenge issue. Tallenge versions are coming soon.
  • TeenInk is reviewing my sneek peek.

The Wrong King (Preview)
"What if the Declaration of Independence was never written?"

NOTE: I am planning of dropping this idea completely and moving it to the Short Stories section, so that this is a complete production in it's own. I don't think I will ever (anytime soon) make this into a full novel and or series and am very likely going to put it in the Short Stories section.

"What if the Declaration of Independence was never written?" ... I was asked this question and began to produce the following production, "The Wrong King". Freedom is non-existent, only prisoners and people exist, no citizens or passer-byres. This is a small preview of what is to come of this novel.

Follow the path of a young boy named Cory who must live his life in this horrid, prison-like universe that is our own, if our Declaration of Independance was never written and our king was most surely the wrong king.

The Wrong King is available on Booksie, Tallenge, TeenInk, deviantART, and Google Docs.

More coming soon...

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