Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"The Ovals Saga" announcement, "Be Open, Again"s plot, and upcoming short stories!

The Ovals Saga is going to be all four seasons put into one novel, meaning that the four seasons displayed on the Novels section will soon be removed, and The Ovals Saga will replace them. This combo pack (which is what I plan to hopefully get published) is going to have a teaser to my next novel, and a very special surprise I'll leave for you to see. Here is a hint: it's another teaser.

The Ovals Saga should come out this Fall 2015.

Be Open, Again is, as I said in my previous post (which I recommend reading if you haven't already) is making wonderful progress. A sneak peek is coming up that is the first chapter, and I'm warning you: it's going to be dark and shocking!

I now realize I haven't announced the actual story, so expect more of the plot to "Be Open, Again" to arrive shortly in the Novels section. Before anybody asks, this is going to be a single novel. There will not be a sequel, but I do plan on adding some small side-novels / short stories involving some characters and scenarios in the original novel.

Remember what I said about upcoming re-makes to some of my first short stories ever typed? Well, this is a list of titles and very small descriptions of upcoming re-makes.

  • "The Best Issue"
    • This newspaper tells not of the past, but instead one man's fatal future!
    • This is starting production shortly after "Toxins".
  • "Heartache"
    • They say robots can't feel emotion, but what if this one can?
    • Probably starting production after the title shown below...
  • "Toxins: A Portal Fan-fiction"
    • This one wasn't actually one of my first. You can find the original production on my first deviantART account. It is, as the title says, a fan-fiction of one of my favorite games of all time, Portal and Portal 2. It's about a very mysterious character known as Ratman, or Doug Ratman. More information coming soon!
    • This is starting production after "Phone".
      • A link to the original short story will be added in the Short Stories section under it's own name!
Expect these titles to arrive shortly!

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