Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PHONE: You Can Only Depend on Me + Be Open Again Progress

I am proud to announce that another short story is in the works!

Phone: You Can Only Depend on Me is actually based on one of my first ever attempts to write a story. It was about two to three years ago on a small laptop I called a "netbook". That laptop was full of old ideas that I actually plan to re-make in the near future.

"PHONE" was my first. I'll explain the plot of the original short story at some point after the re-made short story's release.

This upcoming tale is about a girl named Lisa Edgeworth. She just moved into a new town and only got to live in it for about a week with her brother, Dylan, and her mother and father, Lily and Andy. This is because within the first week, things took a dark turn.

She starts receiving calls from a number, which is 666-666-6666. This number explains that Lisa needs to listen very carefully to the instructions it is going to give. Lisa needs to do everything exactly as the voice tells her to, otherwise she will die from monsters lurking in her house. Now, Lisa depends on somebody she doesn't know, as the world around her collapses into unbelievable darkness.

The short story should be complete and released sometime this month as it is going to range to about twenty to thirty pages of terror!

"Be Open, Again" is making good progress although is being delayed because of my side projects and summer vacation activities. It will be done before winter, I know that. Expect a very special sneak peek of the story sometime this month as well!

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