Monday, April 27, 2015

The future of OVALS

This is what I have planned for my novel, "OVALS". Some of this, you can help with! These are my goals, dreams, and upcoming productions to OVALS:

In the near future:
  1. OVALS: Season 3 + OVALS: Season 4 will be finished.
  2. I'll put all four seasons into one novel called OVALS, which will be the production I will attempt to get published somewhere (self-published, internet famous, or even in libraries).
  3. Afterwards, bonus content to the original OVALS will be produced. All bonus content and original seasons will be put into one bonus novel called OVALS: Rebellion Edition.
  4. If my novel has finally been noticed/published, the Rebellion Edition will make an attempt to get published maybe an online exclusive on Amazon and more locations, other plans will apply when the time comes. It will be sold at an extra cost.
  5. Who knows what will happen at this point? A comic book or movie adaption?!
Really, that is all I got for now. But, I'll keep you all up to date as the progression goes on.

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