Monday, April 27, 2015

The future of OVALS

This is what I have planned for my novel, "OVALS". Some of this, you can help with! These are my goals, dreams, and upcoming productions to OVALS:

In the near future:
  1. OVALS: Season 3 + OVALS: Season 4 will be finished.
  2. I'll put all four seasons into one novel called OVALS, which will be the production I will attempt to get published somewhere (self-published, internet famous, or even in libraries).
  3. Afterwards, bonus content to the original OVALS will be produced. All bonus content and original seasons will be put into one bonus novel called OVALS: Rebellion Edition.
  4. If my novel has finally been noticed/published, the Rebellion Edition will make an attempt to get published maybe an online exclusive on Amazon and more locations, other plans will apply when the time comes. It will be sold at an extra cost.
  5. Who knows what will happen at this point? A comic book or movie adaption?!
Really, that is all I got for now. But, I'll keep you all up to date as the progression goes on.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Schizophrenia: The Research of Alexander" announcement

My next novel is going to be an emotionally concentrated story about a scientist whom is all alone.

is about a scientist named Alexander Hathaway. He never had a good life, and now the whole entire being of reality depends on him. Alex is mysteriously strange, and all of his thoughts and diary logs go into writing in a journal. The novel will be his journal, and nothing else.

There will be a sequel after this, but I am not speaking of that production until shortly after this novel's release, which should be sometime in the next few months.

I am done writing it. So expect this digital adaption to come soon.

Friday, April 10, 2015

OVALS: Season 2 is done!

OVALS: Season 2 "The Secret Society" is finally done being written! Get ready for it to be uploaded to TeenInk, Booksie, deviantART, Tallenge, and more locations for you to indulge yourself in the action, mystery, and suspense!

Now, it's time for you to prepare for:
OVALS: Season 3 "The Eyeless Seeker"
coming soon!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

TeenInk is taking it's time

Two novels, OVALS: Season 1 "The Wishing Well" and the preview for The Wrong King are still being reviewed by TeenInk for submission. Whenever I upload something to the website they review it before they submit it, which during that time gives me a chance to get my production into the TeenInk Magazine.

So, maybe they are working on spreading my production in the magazine? Who knows. Either way, they will hopefully be done soon so I can have the TeenInk version of both of those available in the Books tab.

Welcome to TPOD

It's been a while since I used a Blogger to post anything, but I am proud to say I am making a return to Blogger! I feel it's more simple and I am capable of more customization options than Tumblr and whatnot. Blogger is my blogging home!

So, expect some awesome productions put up here at anytime!

~Troy Chittock