Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MiniSeries Section Added

I have just added the MiniSeries section to the blog, where you can find The Five Nights Collection and Alone: a Tale of Desparation and all of it's links.

All there is now is a link to FN1: Day 1 (deviantArt version). I hope you all enjoy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Five Nights Collection + Alone (Announcements)

These are announcements for two new productions that are coming soon from me. These are both going to be available on TeenInk, Booksie, Tallenge, Google Docs, and featured on deviantArt.

The Five Nights Collection
Chapter I "Origins"
Let us begin with the one I am most excited for. One of the most popular games on the internet right now, Five Nights at Freddy's just concluded it's saga with FNAF4, and we are now awaiting Scott Cawthon's planned DLC for Halloween 2015 (unless he releases it a billion years early like a good boy).

The game is full of mystery, fan theories, and all of those have been solved! But we still want to know exactly what happened long ago, what began Purple Guy's legacy.

Five Nights: Origins is about the five children who lost their lives because of the Purple Guy. It all began with the murder back at Fredbear's Family Diner, and then the murder of the four children at Fazbear Entertainment. We want to know what those kids have been through, and we want to know who they are. This five-chapter mini-series explains that!

Meet the five children, Jared, Todd, Emily, Daniel, and Alice. The five children who haunt the most iconic animatronics, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and the Puppet. This five-chapter mini-series is only the beginning of a trilogy of five-chapter mini-series. More about the other continuations will be coming soon.

The release of Five Nights: Origins (Day 1/5) should be very soon! The other Days / episodes will come out shortly after the following week or month. This is actually based on a comic I put up on a social network for your DSi on Flipnote Studio, known as Sudomemo. All of those images will be uploaded with the pages of the written version.

Alone: a Tale of Desperation
How far would you go to bring someone you loved back from the dead? This question is featured in the upcoming ten-chapter mini-series, Alone: a Tale of Desperation.

This is also based on a Sudomemo comic that will have it's pages inside the written version for you to look upon. Alone is not based on anything and is my original idea. So far, from what Sudomemo has been telling me, I've gotten a lot of positive praise, and I am sure you'll love this!

Alone is about a young teenage boy who just lost his brother to a horrible car crash. His mother and father, and rest of his family are all dead and he is the last family member left. Deeply upset over his brother's death, he begins to realize that his brother doesn't have to be dead forever...! Shortly after a week of mourning and sadness, he gets a message from his brother from a distant reality!

This young teen must do everything his brother says into his mind telepathically in order to bring him back from the dead. It starts out a bit easy, but the challenges increase in difficulty. He has to do some dark things that he will never forgive himself for.

I want this piece of mine to be emotional, gut-wrenching, and engaging. So far, Sudomemo has given me plenty of praise and wanting for more chapters!

Alone should come out soon before summer ends and chapters will be released periodically on deviantArt and my other social medias.

Inside Out

Just so you know, I will not make this blog exclusive towards my productions. I am also going to talk about my life and what I am up to. This post is about a movie I just saw.

I recently saw Inside Out, and I just felt I needed to make a review about it. It is officially one of my favorite movies of all time. Officially one of my favorites. I am going to try to convince you to see it. Here are some things about Pixar's Inside Out that will certainly convince you to see it (including why I love the film, why you'll love the film, and some things you might just want to know before seeing it):

  • People always say that Pixar is for kids, but this movie is for all ages! There are tons of jokes for kids and adults to understand and crack up about. So many!
  • This movie is shockingly realistic! All of the characters act extremely human and do things a real human would do. This makes it so you can bond with not only the main protagonist, Riley, but her parents, too. This is where the adults really begin to bond with the film and enjoy it, too. #relatable all over this film.
  • The effects and graphics are spectacular, especially for the emotions. If you didn't know, everybody (including you) has five little people working in your head to make you feel emotion to certain things. These emotions are Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear. Whomever controls a strange looking keyboard will make Riley react to things in a specific manner. Back to the graphics and effects, the emotions seem to be beaming tiny strange little light particles every time they move. Talk about detail!
  • Every single concept is to die for. Inside your head, you've got this weird little place called Headquarters. This is the place where the emotions control they keyboard to help you feel emotion. It is also where you create memories. Whenever something happens that you'll certainly remember, a strange, large glass sphere will materialize in a specific color. They can take this memory and put it up in a display for you to actually remember. When too many memories are loading into Headquarters, they are delivered to a giant library of shelves of memories, known as Long Term Memory. There aren't only memories there... but there are also imaginary friends...
    • Yellow for a Joyful memory.
    • Blue for a Sad memory.
    • Green for a Disgusting memory.
    • Red for an Angry memory.
    • Purple for a Fearful memory.
  • Inside Out is unlike anything Pixar has ever created, and it is going to be hard to many anything better than this! This movie is very limited to fantasy (except for the parts in your head). It doesn't have any robots or monsters in reality, it doesn't have any potions or poisons, it is all based in the word you know and are familiar with.
  • PURE EMOTIONS!!! GET READY FOR THE FEELS!!! No mercy, when it comes to making you feel true emotion. You will laugh, you will smile, you will relate, and you will cry. Bring the tissues.
Now that I have spoiled some facts about it and some things you'll love about it, here are some things that I personally loved about it:

  • I loved the extreme originality and fantastic concepts and character designs. The voice acting is extremely well-done and the characters, you will want to meet every single one.
  • The soundtrack is incredibly effective for every scenario, you'll get pumped, get relaxed, get comical, or get emotional. I love every single composition and I want the soundtrack!
  • You'll be intrigued and engaged with the film, wanting to know what happens next. It isn't too fast paced, and it isn't too slow. It's got the perfect speed for any attention span!
Here are some things that happened to me during the film:

  • I cried twice. Some tears down my cheeks.
  • I felt more engaged in this movie more than anything in my life.
  • I laughed. Really hard!
  • I smiled super bright and was happy when it wanted me to be!
  • I stood up and clapped my hands when the credits began to role.
It starts out perfectly, ends perfectly, and everything in between is just perfect! No matter your age, no matter your interests, and no matter what, you must see this film! It is an absolute must see! You will never think of things the same way again!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"The Ovals Saga" announcement, "Be Open, Again"s plot, and upcoming short stories!

The Ovals Saga is going to be all four seasons put into one novel, meaning that the four seasons displayed on the Novels section will soon be removed, and The Ovals Saga will replace them. This combo pack (which is what I plan to hopefully get published) is going to have a teaser to my next novel, and a very special surprise I'll leave for you to see. Here is a hint: it's another teaser.

The Ovals Saga should come out this Fall 2015.

Be Open, Again is, as I said in my previous post (which I recommend reading if you haven't already) is making wonderful progress. A sneak peek is coming up that is the first chapter, and I'm warning you: it's going to be dark and shocking!

I now realize I haven't announced the actual story, so expect more of the plot to "Be Open, Again" to arrive shortly in the Novels section. Before anybody asks, this is going to be a single novel. There will not be a sequel, but I do plan on adding some small side-novels / short stories involving some characters and scenarios in the original novel.

Remember what I said about upcoming re-makes to some of my first short stories ever typed? Well, this is a list of titles and very small descriptions of upcoming re-makes.

  • "The Best Issue"
    • This newspaper tells not of the past, but instead one man's fatal future!
    • This is starting production shortly after "Toxins".
  • "Heartache"
    • They say robots can't feel emotion, but what if this one can?
    • Probably starting production after the title shown below...
  • "Toxins: A Portal Fan-fiction"
    • This one wasn't actually one of my first. You can find the original production on my first deviantART account. It is, as the title says, a fan-fiction of one of my favorite games of all time, Portal and Portal 2. It's about a very mysterious character known as Ratman, or Doug Ratman. More information coming soon!
    • This is starting production after "Phone".
      • A link to the original short story will be added in the Short Stories section under it's own name!
Expect these titles to arrive shortly!

PHONE: You Can Only Depend on Me + Be Open Again Progress

I am proud to announce that another short story is in the works!

Phone: You Can Only Depend on Me is actually based on one of my first ever attempts to write a story. It was about two to three years ago on a small laptop I called a "netbook". That laptop was full of old ideas that I actually plan to re-make in the near future.

"PHONE" was my first. I'll explain the plot of the original short story at some point after the re-made short story's release.

This upcoming tale is about a girl named Lisa Edgeworth. She just moved into a new town and only got to live in it for about a week with her brother, Dylan, and her mother and father, Lily and Andy. This is because within the first week, things took a dark turn.

She starts receiving calls from a number, which is 666-666-6666. This number explains that Lisa needs to listen very carefully to the instructions it is going to give. Lisa needs to do everything exactly as the voice tells her to, otherwise she will die from monsters lurking in her house. Now, Lisa depends on somebody she doesn't know, as the world around her collapses into unbelievable darkness.

The short story should be complete and released sometime this month as it is going to range to about twenty to thirty pages of terror!

"Be Open, Again" is making good progress although is being delayed because of my side projects and summer vacation activities. It will be done before winter, I know that. Expect a very special sneak peek of the story sometime this month as well!